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A Rich History

Jenkins Group is a 135 year old, privately held business, registered in Auckland New Zealand in 1883.

The company resides in the same family’s hands since 1935 and to this day and continues to thrive.

Jenkins has exhibited enterprise and resilience throughout its history and always moved to seize opportunities, confidently moving out of business activities that no longer meet targeted returns to invest in those that do. During the 1970’s the company re-aligned its business away from general print and packaging, to instead focus on the newly emerging market for pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels. As an early entrant to this market, Jenkins became an authority in the industry.

Today Jenkins has a strong presence in the horticultural industry offering complete packhouse packaging solutions with an unparalleled service network in New Zealand and Australia.


Jenkins Group structure consists of the holding company Jenkins Group Ltd and two unlisted trading entities – Jenkins Freshpac Systems Ltd (New Zealand) and J-Tech Systems Pty Ltd (Australia). Both entities have a business model centred on the supply of specialised fruit labelling, packaging and handling systems supported with high level technical service to the fruit and produce industry.


The Company’s core competencies are in specialised printing, distribution and technical service with a management team who have direct knowledge of the fruit and produce business – a number of whom have served time in various entities within the industry.

The Company has a reputation for innovation and in recent years heavily invested in a proprietary fruit ripeness sensor label, partnering with New Zealand’s Plant and Food Research Institute. In a bid to develop the science and market the product worldwide, Jenkins Group formed a separate company, RipeSense Ltd. In addition to working with the Plant and Food science team, Ripesense developed its own post-harvest science capability and still holds this competence within the existing management team. Through this period, the Company gained significant knowledge and success in working with various funding sources and developed a substantial network in this field.

The Ripesense product itself won accolades globally and whilst not commercialised successfully, development continues with respect to the underlying science and Jenkins Group retains the trademarks for this product.

Today the Company continues to develop innovative products and improved systems that provide our customers with the leading edge in the marketplace.


We are committed to continue our growth and diversification strategy to be in a strong position for the future.

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